Site Preparation

K&K specializes in precision site preparation for new sheds, offering laser-leveled and transomed services for an expertly groomed and graveled base. Our compact machinery ensures minimal impact on your lawn, preparing your property with #57 crushed limestone atop Geo Tec fabric, and optional treated lumber borders for slope management. Ideal for ensuring stability on uneven or moist ground, our lot prep service is tailored to each site’s needs, enhancing durability for heavy sheds. Inquire about our custom site prep solutions today.


Demolition of Existing Structures

K&K also provides expert demolition services for unwanted sheds, garages, and similar structures. If your site requires this, our team ensures the safe and thorough removal of the existing structure, alongside the debris, leaving your property clear and ready for new developments. For larger demolition projects, we offer roll-off containers to manage the excess debris efficiently, ensuring a clean site post-demolition. Tailored to fit the specific requirements of each job, our demolition and debris removal services are designed to prepare your property seamlessly for its next step.